8 Week Lifestyle Revolution

Join the best Group Training classes on the Northern Gold Coast.

Starting Monday 11th February.... (dont wait,  start training right away!)

Cost is $79 to join the 8WLR - 

Membership only $29.97 per week for unlimited access to all classes  ( scroll down for payment options )

$1000 Cash PRIZE up for grabs

So how do we track all of this...

1: You will receive a sign in card for all classes you attend. 

2: You will complete fitness testing at the beginning and end of the challenge

3: You will do a BIOSCAN to measure how much muscle mass & body fat you are carrying both at the beginning and end of the 8 weeks.

What do u get for your $$

Access to our VIP MEMBERS only page, meals plans, recipe books and more can be found here. 

Before & after Bioscans

An engraved personalised Think Fit drink bottle or towel

World class training sessions including a new 8WLR Super Saturday class!

Nutrition & VIP info night ( 12th February @ 6.30pm )24/7 support

The chance to be part of a community that genuinely supports each others goals & journey! 

Payment Options are below 

Option 1: You can paypal your registration of $79 then set up weekly direct debit of $29.97 membership fee. (This is what most people do) Or

Option 2: We can add $10 a week over 8 weeks to your direct debit membership fee(please give deb a call to discuss this option on 0414942857)

All you need to do is click the join now button and fill out a few little details and Deb will be in contact with you asap! 

*Full Terms and Conditions available here