8 Week Lifestyle Revolution

$1000 in CASH & PRIZES

  • Amazing results are possible in just 8 Weeks with the right support & guidance, it is possible to get incredible results and enjoy the process! Our previous challenge winner lost a huge 10kgs in just 6 weeks. 
  • Its not about eating less! Its about learning how to enjoy the food you love and finding the right balance between health/fitness & lifestyle. Nourishing your body with the food you enjoy. And actually learning to enjoy exercise. Click here for all info on our Group Training classes. Or contact Deb to discuss Personal Training Options. 7 Day FREE pass available to try us out. 
  • Think Fit have been running our programs for over 11 years on the northern GC. We have fine tuned our program that if you follow it you WILL get great results & feel better than you have in years! GUARANTEED
  • The biggest obstacle is getting that food right! So, in week 1 we run a NUTRITION VIP INFO session to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. We offer 24/7 support throughout the challenge!
  • $1000 worth of CASH & PRIZES up for grabs!!

There are 3 main components to the 6WLR!


 BODY COMPOSITION (FAT LOSS) is tracked using medical grade Bioscan machine in week 1 & 8. 

FITNESS testing in week 1 & 8 will track your fitness

CONSISTENCY will be tracked by checking into minimum of 3 classes per week.

How does it all work?

Step 1. Click the orange button above & fill out our simple form & pay pal your registration of $79. ( Once off payment)Text Deb if u would like to add registration to weekly membership. (Group Training memberships with NO contracts are $29 per week. Cancel anytime. Join with a member of the family and they only pay $15 per week.. )Click here for more info on our classes

Step 2. Deb will contact you  to confirm we have received your registration within 24hrs & discuss any questions you have.

Step 3. Come along to classes when you are ready to start. My advice is to start asap. No need to wait. 

Step 4. You will receive a Think Fit card. This card will record your fitness testing results in week 1 & 8

Step 5. Your professional body composition analysis (Bioscan) will be done in weeks 1 & 6. This takes about 30 seconds to do. Fully clothed. The bioscan will give u a breakdown of your body composition. Your goal is to reduce body fat & to maintain or gain muscle mass. The scales dont reflect these results which is why we use the scanner to track progress. 

Step 6. Attend our online VIP Success Seminar Session in the first week. 

 All information will be communicated through our VIP page so make sure to click here to join! You will have access to 24/7 support, including meals, plans, info videos and more!

The chance to be part of a community that genuinely supports each others goals & journey! 

*To receive the THINK FIT medal & be eligible to WIN you must complete all aspects of the challenge including ..

  • Facebook Check-ins minimum 3x times a week, 
  • Complete Fitness Testing before & after
  • Do Bioscans both in week 1 & 8

*Full Terms and Conditions available here